Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weather is Strange

I only have 6% of battery left on my laptop, so I will write quickly. Today it snowed quite a bit. This is bittersweet. I have exams this week, so this means that school tomorrow is canceled, and therefore, the exam we will miss will be added on on Tuesday. This means three exams on Tuesday. (5% now). Maybe I should try to not stress out so much. I don't think it's good for my health. It's still snowing here and the wind is rattling my windows. It is so odd that (4% of battery) that it has even snowed in December. Usually, it doesn't snow here till late January. Apparently, it's warmer in New York than it is here. Strange indeed. A strange life. See, didn't I tell you? Well, I guess I'm running low on bye? Adios? Maybe next time I'll have more batteries on my computer so that I can write more (and better).

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